Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps Backyard Tent Set

There are many things I love about living in the Twin Cities and one of them has to be the fantastic music scene. In a recent fit of spontaneity, I ended up at First Ave for their “Best New Bands of 2008” show. It was here where I stumbled upon one of my new favorite artists.

Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps

I bought their album, Backyard Tent Set, immediately after the concert and it has been at the top of my play counts ever since. The majority of the album has a mellow and laid-back feel to it, featuring plenty of acoustic guitar meddled with the sounds of banjo and glockenspiel. Smooth, but at the same time, for lack of a better word, “twangy”, Smith’s vocals (which I find reminiscent of Ingrid Michaelson’s) give her songs a unique, country-esque twist.

Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps is currently on tour around the US coming only as close to Mpls/St. Paul as Des Moines, IA on Feb. 19th. But I’m not worried. Based out of Minneapolis, CSatGNS is bound to make some more appearances around the Twin Cities in the up and coming months, so be on the lookout!

This is an excellent record that you should definitely investigate. Check out  “Closing the Doors”, an up-beat, catchy tune that I find myself singing quite often, on the band’s Myspace.

Available in the Twin Cities at…
The Electric Fetus
Treehouse Records
Eclipse Records

Thank you, Minneapolis, for another excellent addition to my music library.

Haley Rheinhart


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