narrow stairs and open doors.


Nick Harmer, the bassist of Death Cab for Cutie was talking to MTV and announced that an EP entitled The Open Door will release in 2009. Too bad the EP’s title is shared with Evanescence’s second album. The Open Door will feature the original version of Narrow Stairs‘ “Talking Bird” with lead singer, Ben Gibbard playing the ukulele (reminiscent of his All-Time Quarterback days). Also, four others from the overflow of Stairs’ will make the cut here. This will be the fuel that will tame our stomachs from twisting into knots for a full length.

The Open Door will be available online March 31st and in stores April14th–Get it.

1. “Little Bribes”
2. “A Diamond And A Tether”
3. “My Mirror Speaks”
4. “I Was Once A Loyal Lover”
5. “Talking Bird (Demo)”

Written by Rachel Summers


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