Annuals, headed by Adam Baker out of North Carolina, play an excellent show. You may or may not have heard the track “Brother” off of the Be He Me album – a little ethereal and spacey with some fantastic percussion towards the end mixing with strings and vocals. This blend represents the fantastic energy filled shows they produce. Really, it’s better than it sounds. I feel as if I have been deceiving, because this post is most certainly not about the Annuals… well kind of. Sunfold is a sister band on the Annuals’ label Terpsikhore and begs for light to be shed upon it. Basically, Adam Baker takes a back seat on the drums and guitarist Kenny Florence takes over vocals. Each song on the Toy Tugboats album has its own feel with ranges from jazz to bursts of pop to old school country.  A little of the synth on “Gorgee de Rubis” is cheesy but everyone needs a little Gouda in their lives.

Words by Saraya Boghani


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