Florence and The Machine.


It seems as if some of the most intriguing music today is being imported through the transatlantic passageway. Florence and The Machine stowed away on the air wave ship and made it to America, thankfully. Recently, she won the Brit Award for Critics Choice–the same award that Adele (Grammy Award winner for Best New Artist of 2009) won last year. Florence and The Machine’s album isn’t out yet, but the singles that are circulating are pumping through my veins straight to that hole in my chest filling it with inspiration. The lyrics are gutsy; pushing the envelop must be inherent to 22 year-old, Florence Welch. The calender days will be anxiously falling away in anticipation of the debut album from Island Records UK on July 6th, 2009. Listen to Flo doing some live covers of Beirut, Cold War Kids, and Lightspeed Champion here.

Green light tracks: “Kiss With a Fist,” “Between Two Lungs,” “Dog Days Are Over,” and “You’ve Got The Love.”

Written by Rachel Summers



2 responses

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  2. i can’t help but feel like zola jesus is what florence and the machine would sound like if she was a little but more gothic/grungy.


    September 11, 2010 at 11:52 am

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