King of California


On this snowy April Fool’s day, the joke is literally on our Minnesota streets. When I think of April Fool’s, fool’s gold (and not the film starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey) comes to mind. 2007‘s King of California, directed by Michael Cahill, is one of my favorite treasure hunt movies, besides The Goonies. The film stars, Evan Rachel Wood and Michael Douglas it centers around the relationship of father-daughter pair Charlie and Miranda. Miranda’s estranged father comes back into her life after his stint in a mental institution. Charlie finds a treasure map and is on the search for gold left by Spanish conquistadors. He pulls his daughter into his hair-brained scheme and they end up digging up the state of California. King of California is a touching story of hope and disappointment. It exudes a love for family and the care-free essence of childhood dreams in every morsel of dirt that is dug up.

Written by Rachel Summers


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