Death Cab for Cutie

The dynamics of Death Cab for Cutie are astounding. Ben Gibbard is evolving. It is not that he wasn’t a front man before, but last Wednesday for “Title and Registration” he put down his guitar and stepped away from his mic stand into new territory. It was a proud moment as a long time fan to see him interacting with the crowd in that way. It was great to see Gibbard’s lighter side, he was often smiling and Uncle Ben even used his clout to check on the safety of some crowd members who were being bashed about by a drunkard. It was a typical Death Cab for Cutie show, they are always excellent to see live because of the energy that extends from each of their limbs. They even played some new stuff from their EP The Open Door including “My Mirror Speaks” and “Little Bribes.” The Dustbowl managed to snap some really great photos of the show too.

However, I wasn’t over enthused about the openers. Ra Ra Riot was an interesting act with their use of electric violin and cello, but their stage presence was overshadowed by the bassist’s volume and unbalanced sound of the vocals. On the other hand, the harmonies of the Cold War Kids were like beautiful patterns woven together into a patchwork quilt. Although the set Cold War Kids played wasn’t my absolute favorite, they did perform crowd-pleasers like “Hospital Beds” (Check out Florence and The Machine”s cover of it here) and “We Used To Vacation.” It was a good night with the trust fund hipsters at Roy Wilkins Auditorium.

Written by Rachel Summers


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