Sugar — A new age, need to see, baseball story. The duo Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck team up once again to create Sugar, a tale of a young dominican baseball player who comes to America on a baseball dream ride. Both were apart of the making of the Sundance, indie hit, Half Nelson (starring Ryan Gossling). This film places you in the poor areas of the Dominican Republic, following the character Miguel “Sugar” Santos, who is recruited by the United States as a promising starting pitcher. Now in the States, Miguel realizes that life in baseball isn’t the best dream for him, so he moves to New York City seeking another. Visually beautiful, filled with vibrant colors and true baseball sequences, the directors Fleck and Boden created a story worth telling and watching; their success is supported by the incredible acting power from real players in the D.R. rather than actors.

Fleck and Boden made an appearance after the screening of their film at this year’s Beyond Borders Film Festival in Minneapolis this March 2009 (the first of its kind), and explained the plot as one that originated from a combination of real journeys of Dominican immigrants to America. It releases this week at the Lagoon Cinema in Minneapolis.

By Matt Cici


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