Ice Palace–Wonder Subtly Crushing Us Release Show

Ice Palace, Dark Dark Dark, To Kill a Petty Bourgeouise, and Caroline Smith and The Good Night Sleeps. This was one of those shows. The ones you hear about but never get to or want to go to beforehand. Anyway, down to business.

The main event, the reason I came to this show, Ice Palace. They stole the show, but it was, after all, their special night and they deserved it. I had seen them before and they made the night for me then, too. I came up with one word that sums it all up but still does it no justice: “Good.” Now, when I say “Good” I don’t mean it like “Good, not great” or “Yeah, it was alright…” No. I mean this in the sense that it is the exact opposite of everything that is bad; the epitome of everything worth doing; great music, camaraderie, entertainment, and meaning. Adam Sorensen’s voice is as thick as velvet. The crowd and the band feed off of one another’s excitement. To cap off the show they played “Thoughts/Facts” and invited Arlen Peiffer of The Good Night Sleeps, up on stage to help them out on tambourine.

Dark Dark Dark exhibits a maelstrom of creativity by combining Blues, Cajun, Folk, and something else beyond my words. The band consists of three members: Jonathan Kaiser (cello), Nona Marie Invie (lead vocals, squeeze-box), and Marshall LaCount (Banjo). My first thought when hearing this was that these individuals do not belong to this era. They belong to a bygone era of steam engines, sea shanties, and coal miners; especially with the stellar grouping of accordion and banjo. As a string player I have to comment that Jonathan was by far one of the best cellists I have seen perform at a non-classical concert (not like another cellist I saw recently). Also, there’s nothing I love more in music than a solid pizzicato, and there was plenty of that.

The first band was Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps starring our favorite bubbly drummer, Arlen Peiffer, Jesse Schuster (on upright bass), Alex Ramsey (keys) and Caroline Smith. I had heard Caroline’s old solo stuff previous to this and honestly, it just wasn’t my thing. But seeing this show completely reversed my opinion on her voice (although, I still feel like it’s somehow different from before, maybe it’s that tiny bit of a drawl she has developed or maybe it’s that smoky, dark aspect). Her singing alone blew me away, and when we factor the band in, well, I’m still recovering today. I need no more convincing.

Harrison Gabe


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