The Veils-Skyway Sessions


Last Wednesday The Dustbowl teamed up with fellow Minneapolis blog, Culture Bully, and a couple of Hamline University cinematographers to spend some time down at 7th Street Entry for an exclusive interview and performance with London-based quartet, The Veils. Finn (vocals/guitar), Sophia (bass), Dan (guitar), and Raife (drums) spent some time with us discussing tidbits about their tour, music, and life in the band.

The Veils play an unreal show that rips at the seams with honesty, energy, and guts. Boundless from all musical parameters, Finn’s voice is like something ancient, old and powerful breathing life into each lyric of their music. The band played a solid set with a good balance of mellow and rockin’. The enthusiasm amid their live performance is something that could never quite be captured on an album. Between Raife’s intensity and Finn’s full-body guitar solos, The Veils are an unforgettable act, filled to the brim with talent and potential.

Official Website |

p.s. We now have a Flickr! Check out some behind the scenes photographs…

— Haley Rheinhart & Rachel Summers —


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  2. Mary

    you are soooooooo kute!!!!!!!!!!! love u

    September 2, 2009 at 3:54 pm

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