2009 dir. Duncan Jones

The film follows “Sam Bell” (Sam Rockwell) an employee of Lunar Industries; a company that produces Helium 3, the cutting edge version of usable energy that is only found on the moon. Since living on the moon for three years with no real human contact Sam has become a broken down, tiresome, grizzly-man version of his former self. The only interaction Sam has is with a robot called “Gerty” (voice of Kevin Spacey), who sends video messages back to earth and keeps the communication flow between Sam’s family and Lunar Industries.

A routine check goes wrong when Sam begins hallucinating an image of a woman (who turns out to be his daughter, played by Kaya Scodelario from the hit UK show, “Skins”) ; he crashes the rover and is left for dead. Then the director brings the viewer back to station he has been living on where another Sam (his clone, Robin Chalk ) awakens on a table.  The new Sam goes to search for the lunar rover he supposedly crashed, but when he gets there he finds Sam Bell barely alive. The mystery of Moon unravels when the two Sam characters come together to uncover the real secret behind Lunar Industries.

Moon is a tale of two men that are cut from an identical cloth.  Sam Bell is desperately trying to get back home and is quickly deteroriating, while Sam is thriving and devising a plan that will save them both from the wrath of Lunar Industries. For such a low budget film, director Duncan Jones did a great job at making the setting appear tangible and real with the usage of models over the typical digital animation used in Sci-Fi flicks. Moon is a little slow in parts but overall is a smart, sorrowing story about the lengths humans will go to for love, and money, in the case of the culprit.

Written by Rachel Summers


One response

  1. Jazmin

    erm, you’ve spoiled the two biggest questions of the movie!

    August 6, 2009 at 8:51 am

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