“Make Her Say”- Kid Cudi featuring Kanye West and Common

The Dustbowl just came across the video “Make Her Say,” shot by director Nez Khammal, which has to be one of the most visually pleasing videos that we have seen in quite a while. It breathes new life into Lady Gaga’s stale and over-played “Poker Face” while laying out some words of its own.

The three rappers each tell the story of sexual encounters through a different lens. Kid Cudi, the newest member to the rap game, appropriately comes in representing the teenage mindset surrounded by youthful balloons, sunny skies, and a girl by his side. Whereas, Kanye West arrives on the scene as a cocky collegiate strolling around campus waiting to express his seniority with all of the sororities. The most literal content comes out with Common to portray a third stage of life where relations take place in a hotel room instead of backseats or dorm bunks.

A split screen format for the entirety of the video makes for seamless transitions that wrap your eyes around the action that seems to effortlessly stream from one frame to the next. Lines propel the motion of the video through repetition,  from the blue and yellow hues to the geometric and eye-catching patterns.

Make sure you check out this cinematic surprise it’s a refreshing take on a music video.

–Haley Rheinhart and Rachel Summers–


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