Sea Wolf @ 7th Street Entry

First off for the night was Sara Lov. Due to reasons unknown, Sara could not tour with her band. Because of this misfortune, she made do with singing and playing alongside a vinyl recording of the band. The best way to sum this up is by saying she made the best out of a bad situation. Even the greatest professional can come off sounding amateur without a live band. Sara Lov is a very talented musician, but this show did not express that in any meaningful way to me.

Port O’Brian is a great little band from California, and if you haven’t heard them yet, hop to it! Think Arcade Fire, but less orchestrated and dirtier. Yes, I know, that description makes them sound nothing like Arcade Fire, but the thing about music is you just have to listen to it.

I have to say that their song “Fisherman’s Son” stood out from the rest as a nice, heartfelt, thoughtful acoustic song that deserved to be highlighted more. They concluded their performance with the song “I Woke Up Today” in which they handed out pots, pans, and various other cookery devices to the audience and had us just beat the hell out of them to the music. I am a sucker for audience involvement and it was the high point of my night.

… Until Sea Wolf hit the stage.

Now, with this band, the live experience is completely different than the recorded one. Not better or worse, just different. The energy flowed differently and somehow, frontman Alex Brown Church, managed to forge a connection with every single person in the Entry.

With a band as talented as Sea Wolf, it is hard to even imagine a bad song selection, and they didn’t fail to deliver. They mixed in a lot of stuff off of their new album “White Water, White Bloom.”


My favorite track off of the new album was a heartfelt acoustic version of “Orion & Dog,” but “Wicked Blood,” a rhythmic throwback to their last album, also really got my blood pumping. And of course they played their defining song, “You’re a Wolf,” as the encore.

Harrison R. Gabe


One response

  1. watching sea wolf play their set is like falling in love
    unable to imagine anything better happening to you in that moment..
    you know?

    October 4, 2009 at 11:49 pm

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