The “p” may be silent in this electronic duo from the UK, but their style speaks volumes. Among all of the male/female duos emerging on the music scene these days (Matt & Kim, Mates of State, The Ting Tings, Now, Now, Every Children among many), Psapp distinguishes themselves by using their pioneered style sometimes referred to as “toytronica”. You know, that sound transports you back to a time when you were seven and running though that yellow sprinkler in the front yard. Or maybe that’s just me…They make use of any sound and every sound, including creaking floorboards, clanking coins, and whistles.

I’ve been doing most of my listening from their 2006 release, The Only Thing I Ever Wanted. Since then, the duo has released a couple of albums: The Camel’s Back in 2008 and Early Cats and Tracks vol. 2 in 2009. Their song, “Cosy In the Rocket” also happens to be the Grey’s Anatomy theme song. Go figure.

Their video for “Hi” created by Trunk Animation

–Haley Rheinhart–


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