Honest Engines

From the heart of Chicago, comes Honest Engines with a sound that is, well, honest to say the least.

“what’s the use of being captain if it’s on a sinking ship…”

I first came across this band last Christmas on a mix cd. Before I knew it, I was in contact with them trying to get a hold of their self-released EP Don’t Talk of California. After some digging, I finally got my hands on it and I was not disappointed.

Honest Engines have managed to put together a sound that is both raw and refined at the same time. What do I mean, you ask? A certain element of chaos their music gets their songs stuck in my head on repeat, especially “Sweet Familiar Doubt” from Don’t Talk of California.

This past Tuesday, Honest Engines released their latest EP, Captain’s Log, a neat, seamless, 3-song record, from Tandem Shop Records.  To make things even better, the EP is available for free download from Tandem Shop as well. If you’re not into digital downloads, pick up the cd for just $2.00 and give the gift of local (ok, Chicago-local) music this holiday season.

— Haley Rheinhart —



One response

  1. casey

    dearest haley,

    i would really love it if you and rachel (and possibly your favorite contributors?) would publish a best movie or music of 2009. I love stuff like that.

    caroline smith magnuson

    December 24, 2009 at 5:03 pm

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