Photo by Autumn de Wilde

Austin based band, Spoon has run the marathon, starting the race in the golden year of 1993.  Their progression of albums has been both dramatic and fantastic. Beginning with their debut album Telephono which features their customary guitar riffs and lead singer Britt Daniel’s key voice .  The band’s evolution over the years has kept the same rhythm and soul found on their first album but has also developed so far as to create acclaimed album after album.

A little more than two years since their last LP release, Spoon’s new album Transference releases this coming January.  To cross the gaping span of time, singles like “Got Nuffin” and “Written in Reverse” have been released to the open and willing ears of adoring fans.

One huge appeal Spoon holds is their ability to fuse a tight set and great energy.  A live show sounds like it’s being recorded in a studio, and while this may be unappealing to those who love the mosh, the energy they put into their sound, whether live or recorded, definitely comes through.  Spoon has been a long time favorite of many fans and seems to get bigger and bigger with every album they put out.

Saraya Boghani



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