For a time last year, friends of mine started using the phrase “rat-a-tat-tat” on a regular basis, don’t ask me why. Somewhere along the line, I discovered that it was not only a slang term for gun-fire, but it was the name of an electronic music duo from Brooklyn, New York. Never having heard of them otherwise, I looked up Ratatat and found myself delighted.

Originally recording under the name of Cherry in 2001, Mike Stroud and Evan Mast met at college in Brooklyn and put out their first album, Ratatat, in 2004 for XL Recordings. Since then, the duo has done their fair share of remixing, even putting out Ratatat Remixes Volumes I & II.

Ratatat maintains a pure electronic sound without the feel of being in the middle of a dance club. Not to say that it’s not danceable music. Their first single off of Ratatat, “Germany to Germany” is shaping up to be one of my favorite tracks. Try not to get your heart set on experiencing killer lyrics here, you’re not going to find them on Ratatat. The entire album is instrumental with the exception of a few vocal excerpts at the beginning and end of certain tracks. If you’re not really into electronica, but are looking to expand your horizons, Ratatat is certainly the place to start.

I love surprises. What originally began as a joke for me turned out to be a great new musical stumble.



— Haley Rheinhart —


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