How To Be

As you may have put together on your own, we here at The Dustbowl generally stay away from doing all out negative reviews of things, keeping the site on the more positive side. But after seeing How To Be, starring Robert Pattinson, I couldn’t resist posting a review/warning for anyone even considering watching this movie.

Cutting to the chase- don’t even bother.

Aside from being virtually plot-less, How To Be lacks flavor, clarity and good acting. The only reason you might want to watch this movie would be if your looking for a good laugh with a friend or two. I watched it with a friend of mine yesterday, and yes, we did find ourselves laughing hysterically at times (mostly due to R-Pat‘s disheveled mane and the crypt keeper of a self-help doctor), but when the movie still wasn’t over after 45 minutes, we couldn’t stand it anymore and opted for something/anything else.

The “plot” is as follows (as far as I could tell): Arthur (Robert Pattinson) is a troubled teen who longs for a better relationship with his workaholic parents. Naturally, to solve his problems he heads to the self help section of the local book store and picks up a copy of Dr. Levi Ellington’s latest book . Taking things even further, Arthur spends his life savings of $5,000 pounds to fly the Canadian author/therapist to England so he can stay in Arthur’s home and complete an intensive therapy session. This is about where things started getting really strange and I began to lose any smidge of interest that I initially had.

Did I mention that Arthur is also a tragic musician? Of course he is.

Just in case you wanted a little higher dosage of scraggly haired British teenagers, Art’s friends Nikki and Ronnie are thrown into the mix.

Don’t worry guys, there’s a soundtrack featuring some killer tracks by Rob himself.

Do yourself a favor and don’t make the mistake of putting this on your Netflix instant queue like I did…thanks.

— Haley Rheinhart —


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