After the ball drops on New Years’ we all try our best at putting our resolutions into action. The best way to start a new decade is with new music to add to your collection. That’s where Noisettes come in with an avant-garde sound that twists and turns those old Motown tones and makes it modern again. Their third album, Wild Young Hearts has gotten them the most attention recently.

“Sometimes” begins the UK version of the album suitably with simplistic harmonies infused throughout the story of beginning again and mending old fences. But, the pace of the album is set with the upbeat first single, “Don’t Upset the Rhythm” which dances into the personal growth and nostalgia driven title track “Wild Young Hearts.”

The guts of the record really spill out on “Every Now and Then” as the song reclines back into a comfortable position until it gets restless and has to stretch its legs. Another gem is “Atticus,” a purely great piece of songwriting. In the standout “Never Forget You” lead singer Shingai Shoniwa slyly asks, “Whatchya drinkin’? Rum or Whiskey? Now won’tchya have a double with me?”

To close the album is the clever, “Cheap Kicks” that proclaims “Cheap Kicks are alright if you don’t know what’s good for you tonight.” The symphonic sounds that subtly reverberate on Wild Young Hearts‘ edges makes it all the more intriguing. It’s really hard to find an album where every song flows into the next and tickles a person’s fancy along the way but somehow Noisettes seem to do so effortlessly.

Written by Rachel Summers


**All apologies for my absenteeism. Sometimes I dry up like a well.


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