Mean Creek

"If you could snap your fingers right now and he would drop dead in his tracks, would you do it?"

writer/dir. Jacob Aaron Estes

What do a video camera, a creek, and a small town have in common? These are three main components of 2004’s turbulent breakout film, Mean Creek (2004). With the coming-of-age adventure to the woods and vaguely reminiscent youth characters, Mean Creek is our generation’s Stand by Me (1986). When Sam (Rory Culkin) gets to his breaking point he confesses to his older brother, Rocky (Trevor Morgan) about being pushed around everyday by the class bully, George (Josh Peck). The brothers along with friends Marty (Scott Mechlowicz) and Clyde (Ryan Kelly) plot the ultimate payback by wrangling George into a fake birthday party boating trip to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Certain elements of this film contribute to its greatness including the cinematography, the soundtrack, and the outstanding performances from the young actors in the film. This is not just another teen movie, with eyes wide open the film cannonballs into the deep end, unabashedly addressing teen issues with truth and realism. It’s a must see.

(ASIDE: You’ve probably seen a few of them back in the day on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. Trevor Morgan starred in Disney Channel Original Movie, Genius. Carly Schroeder was on “Lizzie McGuire,” and Josh Peck was a part of the duo-comedy in “Drake and Josh”).

Written by Rachel Summers


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