Sia at the Fine Line

Photos by Rachel Summers and Haley Rheinhart

Last Saturday, April 24th Sia made her stop at the Fine Line in Minneapolis on “The We Meaning You Tour” and she brought all of her personality and love of color to the gloomy Minneapolis skyline. From the speakers to the mic stands almost everything was covered in crocheted and knit quilts – it looked like my grandmother’s living room had been transplanted onto the stage.

Photos by Rachel Summers and Haley Rheinhart

The opening act Body Language, all the way from Brooklyn, New York, made the Fine Line audience “hot like butter” with African and psychedelic infused beats, super catchy lyrics, slick harmonies and synchronized handclaps.

After a short wait it was time for Sia.  The band came out in retro 80’s jump suits that would make anyone run out and get one for their summer closets. And not only did Sia come out ready to sing, but for the first couple of songs she had the help of a giant, quasi-unicorn horn, light strapped onto her forehead. With or without the horn, her soulful voice echoed across the venue as she mixed new and old songs into the set. Sia performed the song that put her on the radar, “Breathe Me.” Surprisingly, this low tempo songstress picked the tempo up with the six new songs she sang from her upcoming album, We Are Born set to release on June 7th, 2010.

Not only did Sia’s clothing and performance show off her personality but also she made sure she interacted with the crowd.  Unlike any other concert, Sia encouraged ‘heckling’ as she called it.  She pressed the crowd for the best that they had, if someone yelled, “I love you Sia!” Sia would respond with a quick-witted answer along the lines of, “Oh that’s authentic!”  As magical as her songs were so were her stories she would tell in between almost each song.  Sia breathed life into the performance and into the experience of what a show is supposed to be, fun, relaxed, and conversational.

After the last song, she reassured people with anxiety problems that they would return for an encore. When Sia came back on stage she transformed into a human butterfly, in her colorful wing contraption, spinning and blowing bubbles out into the front of the crowd, ending the night on whimsical, happy high note.

See more photos from the show on The Dustbowl’s Flickr and check out the set list:

  1. The Fight
  2. Buttons
  3. You’ve Changed
  4. Be Good to Me
  5. Oh Father
  6. Little Black Sandles
  7. Bring Night
  8. Sunday
  9. I Go to Sleep
  10. Never Gonna Leave Me
  11. The Girl You Lost
  12. Cloud
  13. Clap Your Hands
  14. You Have Been Loved
  15. Breathe Me
  16. Co-dependent
  17. Soon You’ll be Found

Karen Perault-Boughton

Rachel Summers


One response

  1. Luke B.

    Hey! I didn’t know she was coming to town. Nice review.

    April 29, 2010 at 9:46 am

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