Photography: Cameron Wittig

As I was looking for some of the interesting images from Catalyst + BLACKFISH, a dance piece running at the University of Minnesota’s Northrop Auditorium, I came across a name I recognized captioned in every photo: Cameron Wittig.

Photo by Cameron Wittig

Photo by Cameron Wittig

Sound familiar? If not, then his work will more than likely ring a bell. Wittig is the man behind the gorgeous album art for Andrew Bird’s Noble Beast and Haley Bonar’s Big Star. The Minnesota photographer has also done a fair amount of work with the Walker Art Center, Walker Magazine and a number of other local artists including Dosh, Tapes N Tapes, Retribution Gospel Choir, Fog, The Twilight Hours, Mason Jennings, and Slug. Wittig’s photos exhibit dreamy yet rustic qualities that make them memorable, which may explain why they are littered across the Twin Cities music scene. When you visit his website, make sure to take a look at his personal work, especially the albums Hok Si La, Sightseeing and Lens Flare.

Cameron Wittig Official Site


:: Haley Rheinhart


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