“The Big C”

Who doesn’t love Laura Linney? If there was a fan club I’d probably at best be the secretary. Showtime’s newest show, “The Big C,” walks into the life of Cathy Jamieson (Linney) as some of the worst news she can hear in her life has been diagnosed: Cancer. Unlike the normal steps one would take of telling his or her family, Cathy decides to keep her loved ones out of the loop. Instead, she’s decided to live again and live harder than she ever had before.

The plot moves along as her character quickly takes a sledge hammer to the monotonous reality she has built for herself as a school teacher, soccer mom, and suburban wife and slowly tries to mend relationships by taking a stand with the people in her life. One of the few charming relationships to watch play out is the one between her and her estranged, environmentally-conscious, homeless, older brother; and her feuding senior neighbor, the gritty, rough around the edges, widower Marlene.

But I do have some qualms with the show already.

1. It’s another Showtime series about a white suburban mom breaking out of the gelatin mold.

2. Gabourey Sidibe plays the overweight, sassy, black girl. And Cathy decides to save her life by paying her one hundred dollars for each pound she loses. Puke.

3. It’s set in Minneapolis (wahoooo!), but it’s not even filmed here.

4. It’s not that funny. If you want funny, watch “The United States of Tara.” Now that’s a half hour I can’t get enough of.

I’ve waited to watch the second episode of the show to really decide how I feel about it. And to be honest, I’m still on the fence leaning towards the watch this only if you’re bored side. But, I’ll probably still tune in Mondays because on the next episode Idris Elba is going to guest star (swoon) and I still LOVE Laura Linney.

Written by Rachel Summers



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