Skyway Sessions: The Farewell Circuit

The Dustbowl packed up their equipment and headed to the new Infinitea Teahouse in Uptown. No, we weren’t having an herbal refreshment, we were on site to get going on a long overdue Skyway Session with Minneapolis transplants The Farewell Circuit. Local film director, Matt Cici, first wired us to The Farewell Circuit back in April after using one of their songs in the trailer for his film Lambent Fuse.

With the greatest of ease, The Farewell Circuit swiftly filled the space of Infinitea with the ethereal sounds of their latest EP Brother’s Eyes.  Just as mesmerizing are the lyrics, which beautifully compliment every chord and chime. They left us with resonating melodies permeating a dream-state we didn’t want to wake from. The EP is available on their bandcamp site for a “pay-what-you-can” price.

If you want to see them for yourself, catch their next show tomorrow, September 10th, 9PM at Nick and Eddie (1612 Harmon Place Minneapolis, MN). Sorry youngbloods, it’s a 21+ event. Also, check out the photos we snapped in our Flickr ‘bowl section.

The Dustbowl
Haley Rheinhart & Rachel Summers


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