Katie M. Gaulke

Looking for a Halloween Scare? Try Shrooms

Getting closer to Halloween we all seem to have the urge to watch a good scary movie. With perks such as a talking cow, a scary castration, and minimal gore, I can safely say that Shrooms was a fun (and surprisingly good) short horror film that is sure to scare.

The film begins with a group of college age adventurers heading to Ireland to experiment with the island’s famed magic mushrooms. However, discord within the group and the telling of a disturbing “true” story turn the kids’ fungus induced trips into visions of horror and death. But what parts of these visions are real and what is simply drug-induced paranoia? With a surprising twist ending, Shrooms is sure to make you jump and squirm – and next time, think twice before eating any strange fungi.

Katie M. Gaulke


Sunshine Cleaning

sunshine cleaning
dir. Christine Jeffs

The newest flick by the producers of Little Miss Sunshine is a sweet dramedy without much punch. Amy Adams and Emily Blunt play their roles to perfection with a stunning performance from Alan Arkin.

Sunshine Cleaning follows two out of touch sisters stuck in a rut. Rose (Amy Adams) is still meeting her high school sweetheart late at night in cheap motels despite his marriage to one of Rose’s old cheerleader rivals. Her sister, Norah (Emily Blunt) hasn’t moved out of the house yet and has gone through several waitressing jobs. Her only joy in life seems to be scaring Rose’s son, Oscar (Jason Spevack), with tales of the evil Lobster-man and looking through her dead mother’s belongings while smoking a joint.  But when Oscar is forced out of public school Rose needs to make some quick cash to send him to a private school.  Rose and Norah decide to team up and start a crime-scene clean-up business, which ends up bringing them closer better lives and each other.

The film runs a little long, and I expected a much more satisfying ending, however, the story seems true to life and was enjoyable nonetheless. Though Sunshine Cleaning is certainly not the next Juno, it has a quirky humor and a wonderful sentiment all its own.

Katie M. Gaulke