Jenny Lewis

Photos by Jenny Johns

Our number one Wilderness Girl, Jenny Lewis, strutted on the First Avenue stage last night like a seasoned vet. Performing in synchronicity were the talented, versatile members of her band. Many played multiple instruments while executing excellent backing vocals. Joining Lewis on stage was Johnathan Rice (his single, “So Sweet” was big a few years back off of Music from the O.C.: Mix 2), who provided solid harmonies throughout and teamed up with Lewis on their song, “Carpetbagger“(Check out the performances MFR managed to snag!). Rice wasn’t the only guest to accompany Lewis on Wednesday night; Jenny’s father, local harmonica extraordinaire, Eddie Gordon joined her on stage for a couple of songs as a special treat. Jenny Lewis’ swagger was another highlight, with warm poignant vocals her mannerisms are alluring and full of purpose. The encore ended with “Born Secular” off of Rabbit Fur Coat 2006.

Valiant efforts were also put in by the two opening acts, The Sadies and Farmer Dave. Toronto native’s The Sadies brought the good ol’ country to the city.  The theme of “Deliverance” felt embedded throughout but, they put a modern twist to this barn yard creek music. Farmer Dave (also a part of Jenny Lewis’ band) who stated that it was his first solo show brought some different styles of music, it started off acoustic and ended with the sounds of alien ships fighting. Now that is my type of show.

Written by Rachel Summers



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